Using Marble Mosaics As A Feature Tile

The use of Marble Mosaic tiles either as a feature in a bathroom, kitchen splashback or in a much larger format such as an entire wall or floor for the aforementioned has seen a huge resurgence in the last twelve months.

Why is This?

The main reason is simple. Designers are now using the tried and tested design style of Mosaics and incorporating it into modern day living.

Shows in Australia such as the TV hit ‘The Block’ also help demonstrate how amazing they can make a space become.

Simple yet effective use of Marble Mosaics provides a clean, clinical and stylish feel regardless of their application.

Marble Herringbone Bathroom

Marble seems to trend like any other type of material used in construction, renovations and styling however I think the difference is natural stone seems to be timeless.

Perhaps subconsciously our minds gravitate towards the luxurious feeling it creates from ancient times.

Italy, Turkey and Egypt all used Marble and other natural stone over two millennia ago!

At we are often asked why our prices are so competitive. Simple, we are the manufacturer and distributer. Yes, we have a showroom however its all built into our warehouse based in Beacon Hill, Sydney so the overheads are low.

This is not a sales pitch; the large majority of our clients often order more than they initially wanted. Marble Mosaics are a luxury product however when they are affordable why not use them in a larger area?

If you need any help with anything Marble Mosaic related contact us, we are here to help. Thank you for reading and we welcome your comments and feedback 😊 We will leave you with the stunning picture...........

Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic Splashback

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